No one is born with skills but everyone is born with the ability to create his or her skills  

It gives an opportunity to think out of the box and work with different and unique materials. This club aids the students to do many innovative items by using paper cups, waste clothes, used chart papers, old woollen threads etc.. Using wastes they make many interesting items like door mats, chess boards, paper flowers, cartoon wall hangings etc., this club is created as a gateway to enter into the world of reusing.

  Mother Nature needs us now  

The Eco club of Rosary is centred on making the students aware of the need to protect Mother Earth. Following the footsteps of St. Francis of Assisi, love for nature and creature is the motivating factor. Various awareness talks, power point presentations, films, documentaries are shown. Students are made to reuse, reduce and recycle. Disposable wastes are segregated into bio – degradable and non – bio degradable waste. Students use paper / jute bags only plastics are totally avoided. Students are taught to make paper bags, jute bags etc., Competitions are held and prizes given to those who make ‘Wealth from Waste’. Junk art is encouraged. Eco – trips to Yelagiri, Conoor, Masinakoodi forests are conducted every year to help children enjoy nature and care for every creature.

English Literary Club

Guides Club

All fine arts, have their origin in the desire of man to represent what he sees hears or feels. Painting improves imaginary and improvisation skills. It helps in creativity. Concentration and co – ordination are natural gifts one can get by practising painting. In the painting club traditional and modern forms of paintings are taught like Tanjore painting, pot painting, face painting, cloth painting, knife painting, blowing, smudging, spray painting and board painting.

Craft club is one of the interesting clubs. It gives more opportunities and freedom to try new things with students to develop their creativity. The teacher shows a sample of the craft work and asks the students to do their own with innovative ideas. Students were taught to make fish scales using round bindhies, greeting card with chart and quilling papers, using sequence they made beautiful designs.

Tamil club was introduced to students to develop the language skills. Students learn to write Tamil words, Poems, Songs etc. activities like skit and debate was conducted in order to develop the speaking skill of students.

The students of Std. VIII and IX were given the opportunity to select Maths club for their Club activity this academic year. The main aim of the Maths Club is to motivate students to learn Maths through a fun way. Teachers in charge of the club planned many activities based on Maths and its related topics. Students had a group discussion on how Maths is useful in day – to – day life and the importance of learning Maths. Many games and activities were conducted to enhance the depth of Maths and to improve logical thinking.