Having an Art or painting club is a great way for students to be involved in art throughout the year. When teacher’s time with students are limited in the classroom, this painting club can serve as a nice supplement for students who can’t get enough art. Mrs. Bhavani who is an Art Educator has taught various aspects of painting in the form of sceneries to the students – like hill side, boating, night view etc. Her teachings were well received by the students. They participated actively and happily. Students were monitored and guided by the teachers.


Craft club is one of the interesting clubs. It gives more opportunities and freedom to try new things with students to develop their creativity. The teacher shows a sample of the craft work and asks the students to do their own with innovative ideas. Students were taught to make fish scales using round bindhies, greeting card with chart and quilling papers, using sequence they made beautiful designs.


As English is considered as an important language it is necessary to teach students in an effective way. Thus, we have introduced English Literary Club to the students. Through this club students learn to communicate and to develop in their vocabulary skills. Teachers conducted Debates which helped them to improve their speaking skill. Students were taught mispronounced words, telephone phrases like how to attend calls? And how to call?, tongue twisters etc. They were also taught how to describe physical pain. Students learned to write poems with accurate rhyme scheme, welcome speech and vote of thanks. Students of Std. VIII and IX involved in the English and Tamil Literary Club were taken on a trip to Hyderabad. They visited Ramoji Film city, the largest integrated film city in the world. In Lumini Park, they saw Lazer and the dancing fountain which shows the history of Hyderabad. They visited the Birla Mandir temple which has separate Shrines for various Gods and Goddesses.


Tamil club was introduced to students to develop the language skills. Students learn to write Tamil words, Poems, Songs etc. activities like skit and debate was conducted in order to develop the speaking skill of students.


The students of Std. VIII and IX were given the opportunity to select Maths club for their Club activity this academic year. The main aim of the Maths Club is to motivate students to learn Maths through a fun way. Teachers in charge of the club planned many activities based on Maths and its related topics. Students had a group discussion on how Maths is useful in day – to – day life and the importance of learning Maths. Many games and activities were conducted to enhance the depth of Maths and to improve logical thinking.


There was a formal inauguration of clubs when a group of students presented charts and logos on Environmental Awareness stressing the need to join the Eco – Club. A few students penned poems on ‘Nature of Mother Earth’. The club activity began with the grouping of students selecting a name for their group. They discussed and brought out the nutritional value of these pulses. The students were taken around the campus and vegetable garden to create an interest in gardening.

They were taught to make paper bags with newspapers which they brought from homes.

An Eco trip was conducted to Coonor, Coimbatore and Mettupalayam. Students visited the Sim’s park and observed all the trees, learnt about different flowers and visited the Kodanadu view point. Students enjoyed the scenery trying to locate the cause of the River Bhavani through the misty Nilgiri hills. A memorable learning experience was their visit to a Bio Dynamic Farming centre run by Mr. Navaneeda Krishnan, one of the most renowned Bio Agriculturalist in India. The students also visisted the Forest Bass Museum, which displays various kinds of forest produce and many preserved species of animals, birds and fish. Eco club enables students to love the environment.