Students of Std. XI were enrolled in NSS program at the beginning of the year. 25 girls were enrolled. Ms. Hepsy Kala, who is in charge of NSS, explained the girls about the different duties under this service scheme which included activities such as volunteers for Cycle Stand Duty, Traffic Duty and Assembly Duty. The students were given option of selecting the activity in which they were interested in and expected to dedicate themselves in their duty. The NSS Volunteers assisted the teachers in smooth conduct of the election and to maintain discipline of the students who came to vote.

28 students were taken to the Stella Maris College Extension Project Centre, Thirupachur Village for a camp from Oct. 1st to Oct. 6th 2016 accompanied by Ms. Hepsykala and Ms. Sushima. The DLO of South Chennai Ms. Sampath visited the camp.